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You have come to right place to learn to use the best billiard and pool table level-measuring device made today. Airport Steve's Precise Table Leveler is a very accurate device that uses two natural forces, gravity and momentum, based on the formula, "force equals mass times acceleration." As sales will attest, our leveling device is fastly becoming the most popular device used for checking and precisely leveling all billiard tables.
Pool, snooker and caroms are played with a cue-ball, not with a bubble level. The best way to level a table is with a ball. "The ball doesn't lie."

The cueball rolls from the device at a fixed angle from a fixed point against a cushion. It will roll to a stop about 18 to 20 inches from the leveling device because it loses all the energy it had from falling from the leveler at a fixed point and height. One simply marks that point where the ball stops. The leveling device is then moved to the opposite cushion and a ball is allowed to fall from the device from there. Again, the point where the ball stopped is marked. If the distances the ball rolled from the device are exactly the same, one may rest assured that the table is level at that end from the two opposite cushions where it was tested, but if the ball rolls farther from one side than it did on the other, the table is not level and needs adjusting. These illustrations will show how to use the leveler. You will be amazed at how accurate it is. There is no reason to have an unlevel table unless one prefers to keep an unlevel table.

I am sure you have noticed a ball or balls take a "turn" as they slow to a stop. This is nearly always caused by one of two things, an unlevel table or an out-of-round ball. Slow-roll shots are unavoidable unless one shoots the entire game using stop draw. Even when a ball is hit firmly, it always slows to a stop. It is at this time when the ball is most vulnerable to rolling off. When it does, it may end in a snooker, undesirable position or even a scratch in a pocket. Either way, it is not good. When it happens because of an unlevel table, the difference between a very skilled player and a poorer player is reduced by 20%-30%. It becomes more a game of luck. Stay on top of the game by shooting your games on a very level table or by knowing just how an unfamiliar table is rolling. The Leveler enables you to do either or both. Bubble levels are great for building garages or barns. Use them for that, but use our Leveler to really fine-tune and level a table to perfection.
I have noticed lately while visiting many pool halls and arcades that there are a lot of cheap cue balls being used in some places. Check your cue ball by letting it roll from the leveler several times. Position the leveler against any rail and leave it in that position while you test the cue ball. If after several times of letting the cue ball roll from the leveler, the cue ball does not roll and stop within an inch of the same place every time, the cue ball is out of round or weighted badly. Buy a better one.

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